Below are just few reasons why LIGHTWAVE Therapy is far superior to ANY other device on the market:

·        2 Technologies in 1 system: LED Therapy + Topical Light Infusion

·        More treatment options than ANY other system on the market

·        Higher Output = Better depth of penetration and dose (per the clinical studies)

·        Monochromatic (1 color at time) = Clinically proven and no destructive interference

·        Larger coverage area = More for you and your client

·        Better LEDS = Better more reliable results

·        1 Year 100% Trade-in/Upgrade guarantee = We know you will be successful and are about building a relationship

LIGHTWAVE LED Therapy is the most advanced professional non-invasive light-based tool on the market and proud to be the industry leader and gold standard since 2002. Additionally, we are the only LED device that can offer:

Clinically Compliant Outputs = Professional Grade

Proper power output to insure proper penetration & dose

NASA & Others = 50 mw/cm2 or higher

Utilizes clinically proven monochromatic/ pure colors of light.

NASA & Others = 1 color at a time

Wavelength: Incorporates Red, Blue and IR all in one head.

Treat entire body or up to 3 areas simultaneously

5 FDA clearances- Wrinkles, Firming, Acne/PDT, Pigmentation and Pain

LED Therapy & Topical Light Infusion modes (2 technologies in one)

True hands- free design

 All our advanced professional LED Therapy systems are designed to be used and operated by all skin care professionals, whether in a dermatological clinic, medical office, hospital, med spa or skin care spa.

Additionally, all our advanced professional LED Therapy systems are designed to be used and operated by all skin care professionals, whether in a dermatological clinic, medical office, hospital, med-spa or skin care spa.

To support these treatment options, LIGHTWAVE has developed exclusive protocols that are easy to follow and take the guess work out of the treatment room. We also offer intelligent protocols that combine LED Therapy with other modalities such as micro-needling (penning), peels, microderm, lasers, IPL/photo-facials, body contouring and more.

 LIGHTWAVE treatments are extremely affordable and appealing to anyone looking to restore their youthful appearance or combining Acne. Most LIGHTWAVE providers charge $100 or more per 20-minute treatment and easily perform 12 treatments a week. Adding LIGHTWAVE can increase your bottom line by at least $4000 per month. Since LIGHTWAVEtreatments have no residual or consumable cost, virtually no labor, and built to last many years; you can start making significant profit almost immediately.

With the release of the new ReAct system we currently have professional LED Therapy systems starting at $1,999. I can get you an exact cost and more details on a system once I understand which features and system best fits your needs.

While the LIGHTWAVE system is great, it’s not our only success story. LTW has been on the cutting edge of skin care research and development for many years. A few years ago LTW designed and launched an advanced professional skin care line called ABI Dermaceuticals. ABI skin care is an integrated dermaceutical skin care line with exclusive Power Pure™ formulations designed to assist with anti-aging, acne, body and LED based treatments for use by professional, as well as at home. 

As an expert and industry leader in booth LED Therapy and skin care formulation, LTW earned a lead role in a novel technology that assist in the delivery of functional topical formulations, called Topical Light Infusion (TLI). This new cutting-edge technology offers a safe and effective method to infuse topicals to a more advanced treatment option.

 I hope this information is helpful and will assist you in your review process. I would like to talk with you further about what we have to offer and get a better understanding how we can help your practice. Please drop me a call when you get a minute.

We have a class on Monday June 3 and Tuesday June 4, 2019 in Nixa, MO. The cost is $125 per day or $250 for both days. If you decide to purchase a unit, the class cost will be deducted from your cost. We will also have a discounted class special.


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