Skin Blends Evening Skincare Routine

Posted by Kathleen Carney on Jan 28th 2022

Skin Blends Evening Skincare Routine

Evening Skincare Routine

1.Eye Cleanser (optional) Using a cotton pad, gently remove eye makeup.

2.Cleanser Mix cleanser with water and gently massage skin. Rinse or wipe to remove.

3.Toner Apply to face using a cotton pad.

4.Alpha Beta X Apply nightly to help cellular regeneration for younger looking skin.

5.Treatment Serum(s) Massage serums into skin. Can be mixed with Vitamin C Crystals to skip a step.

6.Hydrating Gel Apply to replenish your skin's water content.

7.Moisturizer Apply to seal in benefits of serums and hydrating gels.

*Scrub Exfoliate to get rid of dull skin and to stimulate cellular rejuvenation; best used in the shower.