Posted by Kathleen Carney on Feb 1st 2022


Dehydrated skin causes many skin problems and worsens any existing skin condition.

Desert earth is so dry, it can absorb very little water, so the rain can cause flooding. The rain rolls across the desert and falls into the cracks. Dehydrated skin – or water-dry skin – acts like the desert: such skin can’t absorb products.

Hydrators are water-based gels you should use twice daily to combat dehydration – the most common skin problem. Just as every body needs water to function properly, every person needs a Hydrating Gel for healthy, attractive skin. Dehydrated skin appears dry, scaly, and flaky. It feels tight and my “crinkle” when gently pulled. A person with oily skin may think he/she has dry skin, when the skin is actually dehydrated. Unfortunately, using products meant for dry skin will only create bigger problems.

When skin becomes dehydrated, the surface cells harden, forming a thin covering over the skin. This dehydrated covering behaves like Saran Wrap on the skin: none of the wonderful ingredients from professional products can get in, and none of the skin’s natural oil secretions get out. This entrapment of oils under the skin’s surface is particularly detrimental for anyone suffering from acne. Dehydrated skin is always more sensitive, because just as the dry desert earth has cracks, dehydrated skin has tiny, invisible fissures, or cracks, that allow products to seep into deeper layers and cause irritation.