Wax Trainer Training - Call for Upcoming Dates

Training Class
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Love to Wax? Love to Teach? Love to Make Money?
We would Love to Talk to you!
Teaching waxing is fun and will allow you to take your waxing skills to the next level.

During this training course, you will learn how to master all of the Agape Waxing techniques for the ULTIMATE waxing experience. You will learn these techniques using Agape's True and Embrace pure hard waxes and Bliss strip wax in combination with the purest Pre & Post products on the market. This will be a hands on waxing class, so be prepared to wax and be waxed.
This 2-day course will prepare you to begin offering waxing classes in your area and across the US. Your class fee of $399 for the two day training class will be fully reimbursed in wax and waxing supplies. It will also be the exact format you will be teaching and the price students will be paying for the class. Please send an email to info@agapewax.com telling us why you think you would be a great Agape Trainer.