Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Our Laser Hair Removal is performed using a IPL device which is a photo epilating machine.
The hair is removed by coagulating in the hair follicle. The laser uses high intensity light that passes from the hand-piece directly into the hair follicle and damages it. Our machine works in a very unique way that delivers energy in a predetermined target. Unlike most IPLs and single laser devices where the energy from the light is scattered, our technology manages to concentrate a bulk of light energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin surface.  The precise positioning enables a selective targeting of hair follicles. This makes the treatment highly efficient but at the same time almost painless and gentle to the skin.
Your appointment will be quick, efficient and pain free. We use a chiller in combination with cold gel to properly prep the area so no heat is passed along to you during your treatment.

Treatment Areas

Small Treatment Areas (6 Treatment Package)  
Both Under Arms $500 - only $83.33 per treatment
Bikini (Panty Line) $500 - only $83.33 per treatment
Back of Neck $400 - only $66.67 per treatment
Both Feet $500 - only $83.33 per treatment
Both Hands $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Upper Lip $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Chin $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Both Brows (between & above only) $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Areolas $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Belly Button $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Both Side Burns $400 - only $66.67 per treatment
Widows Peak or Hairline $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Naval to Waist $550 - only $91.67 per treatment
Cheeks $450 - only $75.00 per treatment
Both Ears $300 - only $50.00 per treatment
Medium Treatment Areas (6 Treatment Package)  
Both Lower Arms & Upper Arms  $700 - only $116.67 per treatment
Back of Neck  $750 - only $125.00 per treatment
Bikini (Full Frontal)  $750 - only $125.00 per treatment
Bother Lower Legs (Below Knee)  $800 - only $133.33 per treatment
Lower Back  $750 - only $125.00 per treatment
Buttocks  $1,250 - only $208.34 per treatment
Abdomen (Area Between & Around Belly Button)  $900 - only $150.00 per treatment
Front of Neck (Below Jawline)  $750 - only $125.00 per treatment
Lower Half Back  $1,000 - only $166.67 per treatment
Large Treatment Areas (6 Treatment Package)  
Full Face (Upper Lip, Chin, Jawline, Sideburns) $1,100 - $183.33 per treatment
Lower Half Legs & Knees $1,100 - $183.33 per treatment
Female Full Arms, Including Underarms $1,450 - $241.67 per treatment
Female Lower Back, Including Buttocks $1,450 - $241.67 per treatment
Female Brazilian $1,250 - $208.33 per treatment
Upper Chest $1,500 - $250.00 per treatment
Male Lower Half Legs $1,350 - $225.00 per treatment
Extra-Large Treatment Areas (6 Treatment Package)   
 Women's Full Legs $1,800 - $300.00 per treatment
 Men's Full Chest Abdomen  $2,250 - $375.00 per treatment
 Men's Full Beard  $2,000 - $333.33 per treatment
 Men's Full Back  $2,500 - $416.66 per treatment
 Men's Full Legs  $2,500 - $416.66 per treatment
 Men's Full Arms & Underarms  $2,000 - $333.33 per treatment

Tips for preparing for your appointment

  • Hair length must be as close as possible to the length of half of a grain of rice.
  • You must NOT be tanning, pregnant, taking medication that requires you to stay out of the sun, or exposing the treatment area to the sun for long periods of time. The laser can burn the skin if any of these contrindications are not disclosed to your Esthetician prior to your appointment!!
  • All current medications must be disclosed to avoid any contrindications.
  • The laser needs to be able to see the definition between your skin tone and hair color. Unfortunately, those with darker skin tones or white/light hair will not see the usual amazing results.
  • You must be 18 and older to receive treatment. However, if you are between 16-18 you may receive with parent consent and present.