Altair DT2 Skin Resurfacing Machine

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Twenty years ago, Altair Instruments created the very first crystal free skin exfoliation system, the NewApeel® featuring the DiamondTome wand. Our diamond-tipped wand and non-invasive technique has become today’s industry standard in microdermabrasion. We believe quality above all is the cornerstone of great products. We created crystal free microdermabrasion over 20 years ago in the belief that a diamond tipped wand is better for the health and well-being of the client, professional and the environment. Join us in celebrating 20 years of beautiful skin. The DT2 machine uses a potent combination of diamonds and powerful serums to treat your skin and restore its optimal health. First, your provider will pass our patented DiamondTome facial wand over the curves of the treatment area. During this process, diamond chips will gently exfoliate your skin and lighten fine lines, sun damage and scars. Call for pricing for Altair microdermabrasion equipment and we have training classes available.